Just (Concept)



Designed by Jelena Grahovac, Serbia.

This concept project was made for North American local product called Just. It is energy bar made of limited ingredients flax and honey (that’s why it’s called Just), and it comes in 3 different flavors. So I make it simple, by keeping it clean. Since bar is made from bee’s product, I found that important, and made bee-shaped transparent window to bar, because color of the bar is dark and it looks very nice with a lots of happening, lots of nice detail on it, and made good contrast with packaging color and its simplicity, and also product looks very nice and appetizing. Font that I used is Leo Koppelkamm’s Blu, because it is very clean, simple and elegant, and somehow, to me, it looks like a bee’s flight track, like it is made from observing how bee fly.