Songs Of Nature Paper Vase

Derrick Lin


Designed by Josephine Yau M.L. of Art Lab Int’l Co., Ltd., Japan.

Paper Vase – Banana Fiber Diffuser
Most home diffusers contain a bottle of oil in combination with a ceramic bottle. In this case, these little paper vases have skipped the part of pouring oil. Art Lab has created a paper cover to turn a simply ordinary bottle into a 3D shaped vase. The vase is made of natural white paper and comes in light golden pattern design. Choose from 3 stylish patterns of 3 different flowers with 3 unforgettable fragrances. The luxurious riches of glimmering paper vase diffuser set is treasured and exquisites as pure gold, that creates magical moments of resplendent beauty. Paper-artistic carving is a brilliant concept that you can easily fall in love with! Style 1 (PV-101) is a beautiful vintage Art Nouveau look, painted with elegant motifs. Decorated in simple swirl ornaments with a touch of Rose fragrance. Style 2 (PV-102) is a refined and well balanced Art Deco look. This little stereoscopic paper sculpture with noble flower fragrance is a wonderful contemporary home decor piece to your room in any occasion. Style 3 (PV-103) has an elegant look with clear curving stripes on both sides from top to bottom. This paper vase named as art elegant expresses the beautiful blend of Greenfield fragrance. The artificial flower made of Banana fiber gets oil, will travel up the cord and infuse the air naturally.