Amur Tiger Vodka

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Derrick Lin


Design: GJ Packaging, Portugal.

Amur Tiger is a premium quality Siberian Vodka. The brand was inspired in the AMUR TIGER, symbol of the city where the vodka is produced, in the Far East Siberia. The distillery is located near the Rivar Amur, in Khabarovsk. “Our client asked us for a totally different approach to the vodka packaging scenario. They wanted something special, different than what you usually see on the shelves and on the night clubs – something really trendy that would appeal to a young modern cosmopolitan public.

We designed a simple but different exclusive bottle, with simple yet visually strong graphics. The bottle is made out of glass, painted in matte black with golden graphics. The result was a unique and eye-catching vodka bottle that is different from what you normally fine in the vodka market.