Kikkoman Rebranding (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Laura Soave
Type Of Work: Student Project
Country: Italy / Belgium

Kikkoman is the Japanese, worldwide known market leader in Asian seasoning products. I’ve reworked different products, giving them a brand new Design, trying to combine the new graphic elements, like the use of the Kanji and exploiting the old ones, like the use of the hexagon in the logo and the Kamon as additional element. I’ve reworked the Soy Table Dispenser, assigning this specific name, to make a recognizable definition of this product, mainly seen in restaurants. I didn’t choose another shape for this product, because this famous bottle created by the Japanese designer Kenji Ekuan, for many years has been the recognizable symbol of quality. I’ve also worked on 3 variations of the basic bottles of “Naturally Brewed Soy”, “Marinade Teriyaki Sauce” and “Stir-Fry Cooking Sauce”, they come along in three different colour variation, as well as the “Mirin Seasoning Rice Wine” and the box “Tempura Bread Crumbs”. I’ve then created the Special Anniversary Edition. The peculiarity of this edition is the chopsticks holder on the bottle side and the wooden hexagonal box that contains the product. It’s not a case that all these brand new Packagings present a smooth and rounded shape that could distantly relate to feminine curves. One of the Kikkoman’s legend is that the soy sauce was brewed the first time by a woman, a progenitor of Mogi’s dynasty.