Agency: Backbone branding
Art director: Stepan Azaryan
Designers: Arabo Sargsyan, Karen Gevorgyan
Illustrators: Rafael Hovhanisyan, Armenak Grigoryan
Country: Armenia
Client: Slovenské pramene a žriedla, a.s., Slovakia
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

Milk is so much fun with MooGoo!

The Challenge
European hot and cold milk syrups were intended for 4-10 year old children and adults. The task was to help concerned mothers make their kids want to drink milk. At present 3 attractive flavors are produced – caramel, cocoa, and vanilla.

The Solution
The Project commenced with brand name development. Moo –  is a cow sound, goo – comes from gooey, which is attributable to a syrup. With the brand name decided, we moved to brand visualization process and developed a brand character of happy super-cow to communicate the brand promise to the target.

The Result
The brand firstly launched in Slovakia and had a great market success, shaping a new product category. At present, the brand is planning its expansion to other European countries.