Creative Agency: Richard Moore Associates
Creative Director: Do Quoc Khanh
Art Directior: Nguyen Huong Ly
Logo design: Nguyen Huong Ly
Package design: Linh Lee & Do Quoc Khanh
Client: VietHa beer
Location: Hanoi / VietNam
Project Type: Commercial Work

“This Project is being done during the time I worked at Richard Moore Associates (RMA). This work included : rebuilding the brand, packaging cans and bottle of Viet Ha beers which have currently been sold on the market.

The target market of Viet Ha beers is the middle-income people, based on the easy-to-drink and slightly sweet flavor of beers. the design aimed to transmit the both the friendly and authentic feeling to customers. Using Dong Son bronze drum and Lacviet birds as the main patterns for the design, Vietnamese culture has been described here simply but not less sophisticated.

Thanks to Do Quoc Khanh (Creative Director – RMA) and Nguyen Huong Ly ( Art Director – RMA), who helped and taught me numerous experiences during the whole project. I hope they would then be proud to see our products establishing on the market.” – Linh Lee