Alisios Canary Fog Water

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: DosCuartos/ Comunicación Gráfica
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Alisios — Agua de Niebla
Location: Canary Islands, Spain

ALISIOS–Canary Mist Water is the result of a one-of-a-kind project in the world consisting in, literally, “trapping” the clouds in the peaks of the Canary Islands mountains and “juicing” them to obtain fresh, drinkable water in a sustainable and innovative way.

The fog that forms the clouds hit the NRP 3.0 collectors and drains later to the deposit system thanks to the accumulation of drops.

This is an absolutely ecological proposal because it needs no energy to operate, does not generate any waste nor affects the surrounding environment. Moreover, as water is collected in high altitudes of mountains, it is easily transported by means of gravity effect to lower levels, thus avoiding the need for pumping systems.
This collector’s stations are called “Hydric Gardens” and they also contribute to preserve aquifers since underground extraction is not needed anymore. One more thing to point out is that the collected water can act as an emergency reservoir for critical cases like summer fires or droughts.

Additional Credits:
ALISIOS logo, Aranjuez font by Ale Paul (SudTipos)
Rest of label body copy Fedra Small Caps by Peter Bil’ak (Typotheque Foundry)

The Unique Points Of The Packaging: Invisible labeling technique that simulates screen printing due to the PET material restrictions and the conceptual vision for the brand identity work, which is made with a Font (Aranjuez) that recreates the idea of cloud/fog with its ligatures and curved shapes. Also the invisible label and the restricted yet effective almost monochromatic colour scheme reinforces the concept of transparency and purity which are key values to this unique bottled water.