Extrem Deluxe

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Lavernia & Cienfuegos
Project Type: Commercial work
Client: Gallén-Ibáñez and AGR! for Agriculturas Diversas SLU
Location: Valencia, Spain

Deluxe packaging for premium sliced ham.

EXTREM, a new Brand of Iberian, acorn-fed ham has been launched by Agriculturas Diversas, a Spanish company with a long tradition in the premium ham sector. EXTREM needed prestigious new packaging for their top product that could be bought as a special gift as the brand positions itself in gourmet shops around the world. The packaging needed to transmit the product’s extremely high quality to put it on par with other delicacies at the high end of the gourmet world, such as caviar and foie. We designed the packaging in matt black, with a contrasting golden pig handle. An elegant serving tray in which to present the finest cuts of Iberian ham “comme il faut”.