Motif Wine

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Creative Agency: EN GARD
Project Type: Commercial Work
Client: Motif Wine
Concept: Mario Rampitsch, Franz Lammer
Graphic Design and Art Direction: Kristina Bartosova
Photography: Stefan Leitner
Location: Austria & Germany

One essential aspect of the Motif concept is what we call the sixth sense: We have transformed taste, which is perceived through the nose and palate, into a graphic, or a motif. Motif consciously rejects the exclusive wine culture that is reserved for only a few people. Our goal is to facilitate an enjoyment of wine that is free from pre-conceptions, extremely personal, and, above all, conscious and aware. Our original vision was to reconceptualize the world of wine through a new product. We wanted to use a graphic pattern to visualize the taste and character of six different wines. This was how Motif came into being. The German word Motif means pattern, and we consciously refrain from using information about the variety of grape or other specifications on the label. Using no significant text, the individual patterns provide a subtle, tasteful indication of whether the wine is semi-sweet, full-bodied or effervescent. One of the challenges was the design of the labels, since they had to communicate the corporate design of Motif both individually and as a collective. The letter M, with lines placed at a 60-degree angle, serves as a key visual that unites all of the bottles under one corporate design. To enhance the visualization of the wine character, we chose earth tones and fresh warm colors: soft yellow or green tones for the white wines and powerful red and blue tones for the rosé.