Snack Seeker Mushroom Shortbread

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Hozhang Branding Design Corp
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Taiwan

小食覓菇酥禮盒- Snack Seeker Mushroom Shortbread

Xinshe district is a magnificent mountain city surrounded by picturesque scenery. The district abounds in mushrooms with fresh and mellow aromas, and therefore enjoys the high reputation of “mushroom valley.” “Xiao-Shi-Mi” (assonance of finger food or snacks in Taiwanese) boxed gift set is made of the high-quality mushrooms produced in Xinshe. With small-portion snacks as its orientation, this gift set turns the fresh, sweet, and mellow mushrooms into crispy and savory snacks that the customers cannot help but crave for.

The package design of “Xiao-Shi-Mi” adopts hand-painted illustrations and incorporates the local cultural characteristics of Xinshe district. With Xinshe Sea of Flowers as the basic element and the images of commonly seen animals such as monkeys, rabbits, and squirrels as decorations, the design depicts a festive ambience in which people wander around Xinshe and enjoy Xiao-Shi-Mi together. Through the chromatic combination and hand-painted illustrations that brim with warmth and childlike taste, the package design not only blends diverse memories and feelings of local culture together, but also includes the initial intention of protecting the land.

This gift set does not rely on complicated processing procedures. We do not apply plastic films on the paper-made package in order to present its pristine texture. To fulfill our commitment to environmental protection, the package is printed with non-toxic, environmental friendly inks on the one-piece structure.