Designed by TAIT Design Co.
Image Credit: Aaron Jones
Video Credit: Gentlemen
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location, Detroit, USA
Packaging Materials: Cardboard, Velcro

My name is Matthew Tait, I am a designer living in Detroit, MI. Last year I started my own company called TAIT Design Co. and launched Turbo Flyer – a handmade balsa model airplane kit.

I think wooden yo-yos deserve a comeback, so for the last nine months I’ve been working on my follow up product.

The TAIT Sling-Slang is the first in a series of yo-yo models of that I will be producing. Sling-Slang is a beginner to intermediate yoyo, made out of hand-turned hard maple. It has a removable, grooved steel axle and comes as a simple-to-build kit with two colorful poly strings in a recycled cardboard velcro-lock case. The screen-printing is all done by hand and everything including the packaging is assembled right here in Michigan. It comes in three colors – Classic Black, Azure Blue, and Fandango Pink.

The Sling-Slang YOYO is a handsome distraction for young and old, and I often find myself picking it up between work breaks now to have a minute to think and just throw a yoyo. It’s so simple, but there is something timeless and special about it.

The Unique Points Of The Packaging:
The TAIT Sling-Slang YOYO Kit comes in a hand screen-printed cardboard case made up of 5 different die-cut layers glued together with a unique kiss-cut fold in the center held together by two small velcro dots. The case holds the different components – two maple halves, a steel grooved axle, and two poly strings wrapped in custom kraft stickers. When you open it, you’re delighted with a velcro snap sound and the instructions on how to tie the string are presented directly above the singular parts.