Packaging for wine, like friendship, can bring good luck


Agency: TSMGO (The Show Must Go On)
Creative Director: Ricardo Moreno Rodríguez
Designed by: Marta Terrazas Llorente y José Luis Casao
Photography: Carlos Caperos Berdejo
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: L’amitié
Location: Spain

The client was looking for a new packaging for a wine that is meant to be shared, to be enjoyed in comfort with ones friends.

A wine that reflects the essential value of any demonstration around wine; enjoying a moment of please, and if that moment is spent with others; mission accomplished.

There was total freedom when it came to choosing the materials the packaging would be made with, its cared for appearance and limited production weren’t excessively influential, as it is not a wine for the masses, it is a wine destined to be a gift, a detail that the person behind the project wanted to share with his friends.

At all times the starting point was to fuse the classic with the contemporary, the traditional with the ground-breaking, and that it could become an aspirational product, where the packaging could if possible increase the value of the content.

• Create a concept involving friendship, and translate it, using the French focus of the wine, “L’amité” (friendship), as the main exponent of what the wine represents, the desire to share and to please.
• The selected iconography was the union of two elements:
o One is a clear reference to something that is lucky and that one wishes to share: a horseshoe or four-leaved clover.
o Using a precious gem, in this case a garnet, we compare friendship to a jewel. True friendship, just like a garnet – a difficult gem to find – is a treasure. Garnets were also used as a gift when two friends were saying goodbye, as a token ensuring that they would meet again. Friendship is like a treasure.
• Finding a precious gem is not an easy task; their scarcity and nature’s subtlety can mean that a certain amount of luck is required.
• Since the olden days explorers used good look charms. Transfer all these concepts into the wine, making it a good luck charm, a wish granted to whoever receives it.
• We want to build an imagery that reflects the union and reunion of two concepts: precious gems and an element to attract good luck.

It is based on a play of contrasts, a graphic code, using two apparently contradictory styles: lineal geometries, and more detailed pencil drawings, with which we can create a harmonious set that unites two elements.

Friendship as an essential value is reinforced in the text:
Wines, like friendships, bring good luck; this is a wine that needs to be enjoyed in company…the best of fortunes.

Only when surrounded with good conversation can we appreciate all its nuances.

The choice of style is thanks to a play on contrasts in which the geometrical, almost architectonic lines of the garnet, contrast with the hand drawn, detailed aspect of the illustration, which is more close and personal.
Creation of a mix of elements: precious gem and manual drawing of a horseshoe and 4 leaved clover.

The capsule selected is in the pantone of the C200 font. This choice hides the simplicity and the search for the classical aromas of French wines, as a standout element that forms the label and capsule.

The bottle is a Caudalié model, a special bottle from the SaverGlass collection with a weight of 600 grs, the packaging adding even more value to the wine; the bottleneck has a blunter shape. It is a robust, crude bottle, understood to be honest and noble, a very special bottle.

Becoming more forceful for its public with a visual game, that links it more directly to today’s tastes.

The label wraps around the bottle like a hug between two friends, on Vintack paper with a rustic finish, the texture adding the necessary warmth to the project, its soft touch reflecting care and pampering.

All said, based on all the concepts: a wine to give and to value friendship with, a packaging designed with a classic French air in which the contrasts update and highlight all the elements.