10 Projects You Shouldn’t Miss In March

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March was a busy month for most creative agencies and naturally it was also our busiest month with a record number of submissions. Discover the 10 most creative and interesting packaging projects that has the highest posts views, social shares, social likes and people reached for the month of March 2015.

Toss – Gourmet Pizza By The Slice designed by Yinan Wang

An engineering package design for pizza product. It allows consumers to freely choose the quantity and flavors of pizza slices. It also solves the problem of greasing hands.


Food for Thought Books designed by Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler

Some books are just books and some are “Food for Thought”. The limited edition series includes 3 books (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Naked Lunch” and “Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant”) in a special packaging. The 3 books with edible names contain inspiring novels that encourage profound thinking.


Rope Pack designed by IF BAGS

IF BAGS created a unique pack’s rope for our product. The ropes are one of the most important things of the object because you can chose the colors and change it by your self.


Feest Noel designed by Anton Burmistrov

Anton Burmistrov was asked to design a beer label for this delicious holiday season beer in Decatur, GA. Label was supposed to represent old-style typography and detailed filigree and flourishes. Classic!


Tealicious designed by Alvarez Juana

Tealicious is a small Tea Shop in the heart of Florence, Italy. Marcela, her owner and creator is a tea sommelier from Argentina, she is a truly tea fanatic and her idea is to share this passion with anyone who’s interested in discovering a new world of colours, fragrance and flavours.


Sabadì – I Torroni designed by Happycentro

Sabadì always starts by picking the best raw materials, tiles of a tremendous mosaic of flavors that we translate in a mosaic of stories to tell. Stories that come from the ground, sprout in the countryside, spread through the streets, the squares, the fountains, the churches, the palaces, the places, the people.


Geniled Long-running Bulbs Package V1.0 designed by Evgeniy Pelin

Evgeniy is a designer for packaging products in the segment of FMCG, consumer durables and home appliances. He designed this series for the long-running Geniled LED products.


Teahouse Exclusives – Everyday Line designed by Peter Schmidt Group

Tea drinkers are individuals of strong character, people who like to indulge in a moment of deceleration in their daily lives, and this is the target group of Teahouse Exclusive’s “Everyday Line”.


Purearth designed by Afterhours

Launched into the UK juicing market, two years ago, in that short time they have seen great success, rising from a small, exclusively online cleanse programme provider to become one of the the most popular and recommended functional juice and detox brands in London and the south of England.


Cheburashkini Brothers Dairy designed by Ermolaev Bureau

The family farm of Cheburashkini Brothers is a challenging project for the Russian market. Cheburashkini brothers are real people, who have restored four old farms in an ecologically clean Moscow region, transported highly productive European cow breed, and built up an ultramodern dairy factory.