Lima Soups Redesign



Agency: Quatre Mains
Creative Direction: Jürgen Hûughe
Design: Marloes Zwaenepoel
Photography: Quatre Etoiles
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Limafood
Location: Maldegem, Belgium
Packaging Contents: Organic Soup
Packaging Materials: Tetra

A full range of Bio organic soups ready for use, each an expert in great nutritive balance.

Thanks to an outdated packaging design for its broad range of organic health soups, a creative redesign was of utmost importance for Limafood to convince its health conscious consumers of their exceptional nutritional benefits. The soup being composed out of creative combinations of fresh vegetables together with the special character of additional products as shiro, millet or buckwheat, the design challenge for Quatre Mains was to bring this all into one impactful visual. Nonchalant chopped vegetables, a pile of grains, an elegant trail of beans, all composed together in perfect balance and creative combination with product name, resulting in an unforgettable image. This redesign gives a sense of what makes this soup so special.