PaperJohn (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Agency: OGATA UG
Project Type: Concept
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Packaging Materials: Paper

In our everyday life we are used to move from place to place with the bicycle. When we go shopping for groceries we often wonder how are we going to transport these, in a secure and comfortable way, back home. Through this reasoning we wanted to develop a product that could facilitate transportation for those that don’t have a basket on their bikes and carry backpacks most of the time. So it was clear to us the fact that the most comfortable way to carry weight is on ones back, regardless of wether you are going by foot or riding the bicycle. And that is how the PaperJohn came to be, a backpack made of paper, that could be purchased in a cheap retail price and that could alleviate the daily routine of many people. Free Your Hands!

The reasoning where weight is to be transported on the bike in the most convenient and simplest way led directly to the solution of a backpack. We want to make this product as cheap as possible, so we decided to modify a customary carrier bag. The PaperJohn consists therefore on a standard block bottomed bag with long flat handles. Currently we are working on the manufacturing process, to get the PaperJohn into mass production.

What’s Unique?
The PaperJohn is a paper bag, which through its novel handles can be utilized as a backpack, with the aim being that the user is not restraint in any other way while carrying the goods. Not only does it solve the transportation problem that arises while shopping on the bike, but it also offers a maximum of freedom while carrying goods.