ACE Urban Gardening (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Agency: Jessica Muljadi
Project Type: Student Project
School: Art Center College of Design
Course: Packaging 2
Tutor: Ania Borysiewicz
Location: Pasadena, California, USA
Packaging Contents: Potting Soil Mix, Various plant seeds,
Packaging Materials: Vacuum seal plastic made from polyethylene glycol (PET), Paper Cardstock, 3D Printing with ZCORP plaster

The city is a garden. And for those living in the dense, fast and compact urban lifestyle, urban gardening is a way to decorate their homes and give energy to the space where they can take a break from their busy lifestyle and revitalize themselves. To them, gardening is living urban décor.

ACE Urban Gardening is a rebranding and packaging project of Ace Hardware targeting the urbanites following the urban garden trend. The packaging was designed with a focus on modularity, portion and modern urban living. The colors and graphic patterns were inspired by the interesting juxtaposition between manmade structures and mother nature coexisting together, and the intricacy of plant cells and highrise buildings.

Portioned for urban needs:
Due to the limited space available for most urbanites, the packaging are intentionally made in small proportions to meet the needs of a single person.

Vacuum sealed and resealable:
As you open the sealed bag, air rushes back in, like breathing life back into the soil. For the potting soil, the packaging is also resealable with a zip lock seal with a small length that decreases the chances of it unintentionally opening.

Graphic shape & style:
The geometric bright green and grey graphic style is inspired by the natural structure of chlorophyll plant cells, how a plant grows and the modularity of modern architecture.