Agency: 43’oz
Project Type: Commercial Work
Designer: Alex Kodimsky
Client: Castel Mimi
Location: Moldova

Complex project on bottle and label design development – Castel Mimi (Moldova).

‘Castel’ translates from Moldavian as castle, and Mimi is a surname of the founder – Constantin Alexander Mimi – the last Bessarabian governor and a legendary winemaker, who build the first and the only wine chateau in Moldova accordingly to all French cannons.

As a main image for blazon, that afterwards was moulded on a bottle, we used and image of a “custodian” (spirit animal) of a Mimi family – the owl. A square shtof-bottle of the original form and design is foreseen to use for several types of wines.

In label design the theme of a castle/chateau was shown in the image of a stone block work and a castle merlons, in the shape of which was performed an upper part of the label.

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