Agency: Puigdemont Roca
Project Type: Concept
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Packaging Contents: Cava-Champagne

This project was carried out for an important cellar of ‘Catalan Cava’, which is considered to be one the three best national exporters.

We were entrusted to develop two products, a Cava Brut and a Cava Brut Rosé aimed to be consumed in discotheques and nightlife venues together with ice or in cocktails. In the brief, we were given the name ICE and the aim was to relate the concept with the cold and to cause a great impact on the tables and ice buckets in the nightclubs.

The client gave us an unlimited budget in order to dress the bottle up, so we planned reinvented the characteristic injected plastic wrapping of a soda bottle in the shape of ice flakes over the frosty glass surface of the bottle. We got a stunning highly innovate image, even elitist, which perfectly matches the client’s needs, with a customized bottle with a unique personality, quality and visual impact, making it different from any other competitor.

The text is placed in the bottleneck, with a customized lettering, which visually cleans the bottle concept and adds a qualitative finishing to it.

The final result shows two sophisticated stunning products at nightlife venues and discotheques both in and out the ice buckets.