Agency: Motus Vis
Illustration: Izvorka Juric and Stela Kovacic
Photo: Maja Danica Pecanic
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: UJE Ltd.
Location: Croatia
Packaging Contents: Soaps
Packaging Materials: Paper

Aroma Mediterranea soaps are part of cosmetics line for body and face car. Aroma Mediterranea line is present on the market for several years, and although it is a very high quality products at acceptable prices, did not have the appropriate sales results. The task was to redesign the existing line – to make it more attractive to the target group (tourists, gifts shoppers…) and highlight the products on the shelf.

As the basis of this line of rich aromas of Mediterranean plants and fruits, the idea of ​​the whole line is based on the attractive illustrations that convey the “spirit” of the Mediterranean. Using attractive Mediterranean color scheme and combined technique of drawings and watercolors conveys the feeling of nature (drawings of plants and fruits) and water, hydration, relaxation, swimming (watercolor coloring).

The structure and color of the product is visible through the opening in the top part that allows the passage of light through the structure of the soap (natural or on shelf with a back light) and thereby further highlights the color and structure of the natural soap.