TREF premium lager beer

Dig studio

TREF is a premium lager for young people who like naturally produced, drinkable beer. As a new product on the market, communication, and design maximize the name’s visibility and draw attention to the product’s story with design innovation.

Playing cards and their vertical symmetry are logically imposed as direction. So, the brand is designed as an ambigram logo — a designed word that reads the same when turned upside down. The design conveys associations with the phrases “You were dealt a good hand” or “lucky deal”. Eternal optimists whose glass is always half full and only lose in poker if they don’t have a good time will find themselves in the slogan “Either way”.

The selection of the scale of colors, materials, and techniques positions the product in the premium segment, with the necessary balance between the design of the classic approach of lager and craft beer design.


Dig studio

Creative and art direction: Izvorka Jurić
Design, presentation photography: Jurica Kos
Treffer brewery