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ASPECT is a brand of dog food in the Super premium category. It is a brand of functional food of the highest quality aimed at meeting all the needs of a specific breed (breed-specific food). The project includes brand design, design of the product line and packaging’s visual identity, a promotional campaign to launch a new brand, and brand website design.

The idea is based on one of the interpretations of the name ASPECT (“the way a person, place, or thing appears”), i.e., the popular saying that beauty comes from within since external beauty comes from the health of mind and body. Thus, the design relies on close-up photographs of the dog’s hair and the beauty of the coat as an indicator of a balanced diet and health of a dog.

Fitting the brand name in the dog’s hair is contemporary in communication in this product category. It simultaneously allows an emotional connection, evoking emotions associated with basic tactile contact with your dog.

With this type of product, the primary information on the packaging represents the breed – a photograph of a figure or face of a dog. Due to a different approach, ASPECT stands out on the shelf and attracts attention. A palette of colors was also chosen to stand out on the shelf, given the competition present. The combination of colors and the ratio of matte and gloss surface further communicates the premium product.

ASPECT identity design was used as a primary communication tool to launch a new product on the market and in website design. The whole communication is upgraded with emotion linked to the characters and the essential characteristics of individual breeds.

Dig studio

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