CERU Feelgood Food

Dig studio

CERU is a brand of London-based restaurants serving contemporary Levantine cuisine at its freshest and finest. The task was to design a CERU restaurant packaging solution for delivery of fresh or half-prepared restaurant food – cook at home meal kits. The design must be within the existing identity of the CERU restaurant and follow brand guidelines.

The solution is a meal kit that brings together two things CERU is passionate about – delicious, healthy food and sustainable innovation.

As the number of people ordering their food online rises, so do the concerns about sustainability and the impact of food delivery on the environment. Choosing the right meal kit may mean less packaging and less food waste, fewer trips to the grocery store, and a smaller carbon footprint.

We use a reusable packaging strategy to tell a story about CERU’s commitment to work more sustainably. The “Cook at Home” range has been designed with the environment in mind, using local suppliers, British produce, and biodegradable and reusable packaging. Each kit comes with perfectly proportioned ingredients, spices, and sauces, helping reduce food waste – and in sustainable packaging. All this aims to make a positive user experience while caring for the planet.

The meal kits are wrapped in specially designed textile cloths with patterns inspired by the Levant’s beautiful geometric tiles and distinctive Middle Eastern motifs of nature and animals. The colours are carefully chosen to evoke the vibrant kaleidoscope of the local cuisine and landscape. The cloths are reusable: it can double as a fashion accessory, a scarf, a tablecloth, or gift wrapping…

The main element of the CERU eco-friendly packaging is reusable, lightweight textile cloth. All elements of packaging are entirely biodegradable and proudly made in Europe. All ingredients are vacuum-packed in a soft container made from 100% recyclable bioplastics, an eco-friendly alternative to ordinary plastic, made from natural materials that are abundant and renewable.

Dig studio


Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić

Creative and art director: Izvorka Jurić
Design and photography: Jurica Kos
Animation: Žarko Kuvalja
Production manager: Natalija Najjar

CERU restaurant