The Mamić family from Kaštela, owner of an olive grove on Mount Kozjak, points out its rich experience in olive growing guarantees knowledge, high value, and quality. Strongly tied to the local tradition, cultural heritage, and history of Kaštela, the family wants to contribute to the development of the local community and tourist offering through its actions. The story of Miljenko and Dobrila, the Romeo and Juliet of Kaštela, belonging to the intangible cultural heritage of the town of Kaštela, is an important part and inspiration of the Mamić family, so the family’s restaurant and tasting room displays a local artist’s relief with this theme.

Kadinela is a brand of a group of olive products, primarily a line of extra virgin olive oil, and then other olive products and natural cosmetics.

The brand’s designed name – Kadinela, is an old expression from the Kaštela and Split language, meaning necklace. The melodious pronunciation is associated with Dalmatia, and the meaning is represented by the seven Kaštela lined up along the coast. The names of all the Kaštela that form a chain with the logo are an important part of the identity. The joining of two olives that overlap to form a heart illustrates the idea of “out of love”. So, the story of the love of Miljenko and Dobrila, and the union of two families of olive growers, gets a happy ending.

The basic element – a heart created by joining two olives – is rendered spatially on the label. The relation between the full and empty parts of the two folded labels brings a new dimension, and the different structures and tones of the paper emphasize the junction. Products within the varietal and flavored oils sub-line are coded with pastel colors and names.

Style, typography, use of materials, and specific techniques give the identity a premium look, realize the need for the product to function in modern times, and communicate to customers looking for higher value products.

The digital version of the “olive heart” also creates a drop inside the heart shape by overlapping.


Dig studio

Creative and art direction: Izvorka Jurić
Naming: Igor Poturić
Design: Izvorka Jurić, Jurica Kos
Production manager: Natalija Najjar
Product photography: Jurica Kos