Derrick Lin


Agency: Sheridan&Co
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: DIY bread in a bottle
Location: UK

Bare Bake Bread in a bottle is a new product and packaging concept by global design agency Sheridan&Co that enables time-starved lazy foodies to bake beautiful, flavoursome artisan bread quickly and easily.

The Sheridan&Co design team were tasked by The Grocer, the UK’s leading grocery market magazine, to develop a product concept that aligned with the latest trends in bread and baked goods consumption as part of a creative challenge. Drawing inspiration from ‘grab and go’ food, high-protein health breads and the revival of the cooked breakfast, Sheridan&Co created a concept that mixed convenience and ease with flavoursome, honest, wholesome ingredients.

Bare Bake Bread represents a new approach to baking and bread. The brand name informed the product composition and packaging design; celebrating the rustic beauty of simple ‘naked’ ingredients, the various elements of the bread mix are layered in a transparent milk bottle so that it’s the ingredients that create the overall aesthetic ‘skin’ for the bottle.

The brand identity and logo is deliberately stripped back and minimalistic to echo the simplicity of the product and to ensure that it does not detract from the beauty of the natural ingredients on display. The ‘sunny-side-up’ egg icon on top of the logo simply signposts the ease with which the bread mixture is prepared: ‘just add egg’, mix and bake in the oven.

Cranberry & Almond and Rosemary & Sea Salt are two examples of Bare Bake Bread with sweet and savoury options, although the concept’s vision extends to a DIY Bare Bake Bread option where consumers are able to pick, mix and match their own ingredients in store from a selection of flours, herbs and fruit presented in bags with a scooper.

Bare Bake Bread is targeted at consumers who value healthy, wholesome ingredients, enjoy cooking and baking but don’t always have the time to prepare homemade food from scratch.

Sheridan&Co also worked up designs for point of sale to promote the product on billboards and in store. With scattered flour and cracked eggs in the composition, the visuals serve to underscore the beauty of handmade food without detracting from the convenience that make Bare Bake Bread unique.