Andes Honey Beer



Agency: Astor Branding
Creative Director: Matías Manuel Frade
Creative Director: Federico Poscek
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ambev
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Materials: Paper

The brief:

  • . Designing a new limited edition for Andes Brewery.
  • . Bring on board Mendoza’s pride to achieve a strong connection between the local consumer and the brand.
  • . Enhance and convey Mendoza´s people, way of linving and thinking, in an original way.
  • . Add value to the product by transferring emotions and experiences of the brand and associate it with emotions of belonging and location.
  • . Strengthen the position of a large, young and innovative brand with a new proposal for the market.


  • . Find the items linking Mendoza’s pride with beer and a taste for new things.
  • . Propose a sufficiently rich system of colors, fonts, shapes and icons that could show this balance between the world of honey and beer.
  • . Do not lose sight of the historical consumer brand and in turn to capture young audiences with it.

Project development:

  • . The main thing was to get an identity that combines the sweet and innocent world of honey with the imagery of the brand and the beer itself.
  • . The colors choice was a key factor to challenge the typographic system on the beers world, as well as the selection of the graphic and formal figures in an approach to create a delicate balance within both universes.