London Tea Company Gift Packaging


Agency: D.Studio
Design, illustration & art direction: Wes Anson & Phil Curl
Photography Steve Baxter
Fashion Styling Eibhleann Ana McMahon
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: The London Tea Company
Location: London, England
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Materials: Tin, Carton

D.Studio worked with The London Tea Co. on the design of their newly-launched gift range with the aim of changing the perception of the ‘tea experience’. Typically seen as a relaxing, sedate drink, best enjoyed with your feet up, listening to the radio, we were keen to show tea doesn’t have to be twee. So rather than focusing on the ‘heritage’ and ‘fine quality’, like everyone else does, we wanted customers to dig LTC’s vibrant array of infusions designed to be enjoyed in the modern way, whether that’s while walking your pug in the local skate park, having that tattoo of your ex’s name made into a dolphin, or while kicking back after a knitting flash mob.

Urban, bold and full of character, the gift packs get across the vibe of London and the personality of the tea. The individual tins each feature a different Londoner, perfectly embodying the flavour of that tea: The Early Bird, The Guvnor and The Tea Totaller all proudly stand, strut or lotus for their unique blend, while the larger packs have the characters forming a not so solid crew, mingling at a hip tea party or duelling in a tea-off. The colour palette is ‘pumped’ and the varied patterns reflect London’s buzzy cultural mix – all a far cry from pinkies out and Victoria sponge on a floral cake stand.