Bone Idyll are curious creators of small batch spirits and cocktails, each one crafted with character and hustle.

Being a new brand, they needed something to make them really stand out.

In essence, they’re modern spirits distilled the traditional way. With this insight, we created packaging that was a mash up of old and new featuring traditional portrait paintings that were pimped to create a set of modern characters, each reflecting the spirit of the product. For example, the London ‘Bone’ Dry Gin (see what we did there!) featured a cheeky artful dodger character, complete with 5 o’clock shadow, gold tooth, ear piercing and shaved eye brow. In contrast, the botanical rum (a blend of 3 Caribbean rums redistilled with scotch bonnet pepper, banana and lime leaf) was an altogether more exotic affair featuring an alluring carnival queen.

Meanwhile, the cocktails took on a similar approach, but just like the drinks themselves we decided to mix things up a bit to create a looser set of characters that are less steeped in tradition and more contemporary in their overall feel. Each one with its own unique character that reflected the nature of the product.

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