Designed by Wes Anson of d.studio, United Kingdom.
Illustrator: Daniel Frost

Tracey Thomas has been bringing confectionery to the sweet-loving masses for over 20
years. She approached us earlier this year to create a brand that could communicate her
passion for great sweets but also the playful side of her personality.

We created a brand called Penny’s Sweets to tell the story of one woman’s quest to bring high quality classic sweet treats and new and exciting flavours to the world. To do this we recreated that nostalgic trip to the sweet shop, instantly striking a chord with kids (past and present).

We created the iconic figurehead of Penny, who sits proudly on a copper coin, quietly
watching over things with a smile and a cheeky wink.

Showing off the array of colours and shapes was a must so the packaging had to
complement the sweets, rather than dominate them. We created labels that were ‘hand-
written by Penny herself’, while the copper caps were designed to give the sweetie jars a distinctive ‘Penny’ twist.

For the launch at the Speciality Fine Food Fair we brought Penny’s sweet shop to life –
customers could browse the shelves filled with packaging and choose their favourite,
evoking happy childhood memories.

“Working with d.studio from initial brief right through to nished product has been a
pleasure. Over the months working with them they have been not only creative and
enthusiastic, but also helpful and encouraging in getting our new brand from concept to
launch. I can’t thank d.studio enough for bringing Penny’s Sweets to reality. I love what they have created and from the feedback we have received it would appear our customers love Penny too!” Tracey Thomas, Founder, Penny’s Sweets.