Vine Roots – The Memory of the Terroir


Agency: TSMGO (The Show Must Go On)
Creative Director: Ricardo Moreno Rodríguez
Designers: Marta Terrazas Llorente &José Luis Casao
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Vine Roots
Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Materials: Paper, Foil

Vine Roots commemorates the artisan aesthetics of traditional botanical notebooks used by the vigneron (winemaker) in their search to find and restore the memory of the terroir. An iconic design which uses handwritten notes and stamped motifs which capture the care and detail of its creator.

A limited edition wine, of powerful character and exclusivity (premium), which aims to reach an experienced public on an international level. Our packaging proposal focuses on the profile of international consumers, capturing the essence of personality and memory of the estate in its visual aspect.

What’s Unique?
There is some science in the passion of the vigneron, to trap the essence of the memory of the territory, as there is some science in our passion for wine. Every hue, every aroma, has been purposefully “collected” and added to mixture with great care. The process – an arduous ritual – has been documented step by step in a field diary.

The vigneron’s field notebook will be their own hallmark on Vine Roots, making us partakers in the care and attention of their search.

The name of the discovery, Vine Roots, has been given graphics that commemorate the “ex libris” bookplate stamps, so popular in the early days of printing, and whose appearance responded to the need to reflect the identity of the volume creator.