Bag In Box Viajes De Un Catador

Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Nutcreatives
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Viajes De Un Catador
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Materials: Cardboard, aluminium

Nutcreatives studio has designed a bag-in-box for Viajes de un Catador (Travels of a Wine-Taster), a wine club that gathers together intriguing wines from all over Spain. The club features eight different wines: Wine of the Year; Unconventional Wine; Classic White and Classic Red; Modern White and Modern Red; a sparkling wine; and the bag-in-box wine.

In the case of the bag-in-box, Nutcreatives played off the idea of a wine that–in the words of its producers–is straightforward and friendly, drinkable, versatile, and robust. A wine with values, ideal for tapas or an al fresco party. A red to have fun with, to smell and to drink.

Taking inspiration from this festive spirit and the fact that its bag-in-box sales format makes it ideal for informal events, Nutcreatives studio decided to emphasize the wine’s playful aspect, its portability, and its presentation to come up with the most functional and innovative packaging possible.

Nutcreatives also presented the possibility of a second use, including instructions in the package so that the cardboard container could be used as a construction toy with hexagonal pieces.
They wanted packaging that was well-rounded. It needed to stand out from the crowd without neglecting functionality, and the design team also wanted it to be environmentally-friendly, avoiding the use of plastic bags and lengthening the useful life of the cardboard packaging as much as possible.

Choosing this wine also translates to support for a winery that works with the intellectually disabled, relying on these professionals to take care of the shipping and handling at its warehouse. As such, this a socially responsible product. Viajes de Un Catador makes it clear that it wants to support these types of workers whenever possible, as well as other projects to combat social exclusion, or help people and winemakers revive vineyards in challenging regions.

Viajes de un Catador is a very special wine club, created to promote only wines that deserve attention. It ́s a sort of roving brand or voyage within, if you will, that brings together wines from all over Spain in the spirit of exploration and discovery.

An original brand that features 8 wines classified by categories (Wine of the Year, Original Wine, Classic White and Classic Red, Modern White and Modern Red, a sparkling wine, and a bag-in-box) to make choosing a wine easier for the buyer, since in a crowded marketplace, overwhelmed consumers often end up reaching for a name brand out of inertia.
Viajes de un Catador was created with the goal of giving great wines visibility and sales opportunities at a reasonable price. Wines that haven’t been able to find a distributor, access to sales channels, or the right label to communicate their appeal.

Wine selection and the nose for a good wine are the responsibilities of Maite Corsín, wine taster, journalist and winery marketing adviser. For years she has been trying to find a way to get “word-of-mouth” wines made from local varietals to the consumer–wines that are drinkable and reasonably priced (€12 maximum)–and change buying wine into an uncomplicated experience, exposing the virtues of each wine inside and outside of the bottle without a lot of technical jargon.

Nutcreatives is a product design and eco-innovation studio whose mission is problem solving. Functionality, aesthetics, quality, and the social, economic and environmental impact of each object is the focus, with the goal of arriving at a fully-integrated design proposal.

The studio is made up of three partners: Àlex Jiménez, industrial designer and engineer, Jon Marín, industrial ecologist, and Bernat Faura, materials engineer and industrial design engineer. For Nutcreatives, a good design project requires a multidisciplinary approach, and the complementary backgrounds of its team reinforces that idea.

The Viajes de un Catador label design was inspired by the spirit of discovery. Through illustrations, the labels show the things Maite Corsín encountered in her travels through the regions where these wines are made, showing the local people, animals and plant life. We all like to know where the products we consume come from, and nothing gives a better picture of a place than its inhabitants and surroundings.

Marta Adaro Botas received her degree in graphic design from the IED in 2000. Estudio Marta Botas develops graphic identity and editorial design projects for clients primarily from the worlds of fashion and gastronomy. She also works as an illustrator for magazines, books and other media.

What’s Unique?
Nutcreatives decided to avoid the typical square bag-in-box and come up with a product with a radically different image that, because of its triangular folds, can take myriad forms. The packaging is topped off with a handle so that it’s easy to hold, transport, hang, etc., eliminating the need to carry an extra bag from place to place.

In creating a strong visual statement, they also wanted to subvert people’s preconceptions about this type of packaging, their prejudice that a bag-in-box can’t contain quality wine.