Let’s dive into the world of Dêvi Chá’s canned teas designed by Valkiria Inteligência Criativa in this Curator’s Insight

First things first, forget boring beige labels! Dêvi Chá throws a color party on their cans. Each flavor has its own unique iconography and vibrant hues that instantly tell you what’s inside. Imagine spotting a can with playful illustrations of mangoes and sunshine – that’s gotta be a delicious tropical flavor, right? ☀️

The typography on these cans isn’t just there to look pretty. It’s designed to chat with you! The modern font feels fresh and friendly, almost like Dêvi Chá is whispering flavor secrets in your ear. Plus, there’s a touch of rebellion in there, hinting that this tea isn’t your grandma’s boring cuppa.

Dêvi Chá cleverly creates a visual hierarchy on their cans. The bottom part stays cool and calm, letting you find all the need-to-know details like ingredients and brewing instructions. But the real party happens up top! Here, the explosion of color and illustrations takes center stage, making these cans a treat for the eyes as well as your taste buds. ✨

Dêvi Chá understands that tea isn’t just a beverage, it’s a way of life. Their packaging design reflects that. The combination of bold colors, playful fonts, and unique illustrations suggests that choosing Dêvi Chá is about expressing yourself. It’s about enjoying something that’s both familiar (a delicious cup of tea) and surprising (those unexpected flavor twists!). This makes Dêvi Chá especially appealing to a younger, design-savvy crowd who appreciates quality and a little bit of fun in their shopping basket.

As a packaging design aficionado, I gotta say, Dêvi Chá’s cans are a breath of fresh air. They’re functional, attractive, and bursting with personality. It’s clear they put a lot of thought into creating an experience that goes beyond just the tea itself. So, next time you’re looking for a pick-me-up, keep an eye out for these colorful cans – they might just become your new favorite way to sip and express yourself!

Agency: Valkiria Inteligência Criativa
Creative Direction: Matheus Pinto
Graphic Design: Matheus Marques
Production: Carolina Ribeiro
Photography: Paula Paz
Case Study: Matheus Marques
Motion Design and 3D: Evandro Tonet