Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss #119

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Derrick Lin


Get ready to be amazed! The latest issue of Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss (#119) has arrived, showcasing the most inspiring packaging designs from across the web.

This month’s top picks are more than just pretty faces. They’re a perfect blend of stunning visuals and creative engagement, sparking imaginations on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. It’s no wonder – these packages are design gold, igniting a flame of inspiration for designers and packaging enthusiasts worldwide.

Calling all design rockstars, from seasoned veterans to aspiring talents! Join our thriving community and share your own packaging masterpieces. Simply signing in or creating an account, and let’s fuel the creative fire together!

Nami Banana Snack designed by Loukas Chondros

To further enhance the banana experience, the logo sticker will be meticulously hand-applied. This sticker will be identical to the one used on fresh NAMI bananas, fostering brand recognition and a sense of continuity between the fresh and dried product. The inner surface of the box will also be a vibrant pale yellow, mirroring the inside of a banana peel and reinforcing the natural connection.

This packaging is designed to be playful, informative, and deeply connected to nature. It’s a celebration of the Bananostafido’s organic origins and a promise of a delicious, all-natural snacking experience.

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Beach Coffee designed by Ekaterina Semenova

The packaging design evokes the essence of a perfect beach day. Soft, calming colors reminiscent of turquoise waves and sun-kissed sand create a sense of comfort and peace. It’s more than just a coffee sleeve; it’s a portal to a mini vacation.

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Spring Water designed by Kseniya Rozhnova

This innovative water bottle design by Kseniya Rozhnova captures the essence of spring. Drawing inspiration from the season’s first blooms, the bottle itself takes the form of a delicate flower. The name “Spring Water” takes on a new layer of significance with this design. It not only references the source of the pure, refreshing water within, but also celebrates the annual rebirth of nature.

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Sitch Hair Care designed by LYONANDLYON

Sitch’s brand identity echoes the functionality and minimalism of their packaging. Their logo boasts a clean, sans-serif typeface with a bold presence. Pops of colorful gradients add a touch of vibrancy to their design, keeping things fresh and modern.

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BrewBeak Beer designed by Berik Yergaliyev

Each beer variety boasts a dapper, anthropomorphic bird sporting a tuxedo. This clever choice symbolizes the sophistication and premium quality of BrewBeak’s brews, aimed at discerning beer connoisseurs. Minimalism reigns supreme, allowing the charming bird illustrations to take center stage. Each bird holds a glass of the respective beer, creating a memorable and instantly recognizable visual identity for each variety.

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1440′ designed by Lidia Jurado, Ya Yan Dai, Marco Arroyo-Vázquez

Today’s fast-paced world often leaves us with little time for ourselves. Juggling work, studies, and daily life in the 20-45 age group can mean sacrificing healthy habits like proper meals and sleep. The designers saw a need for a convenient and natural way to bridge that gap. 1440 acknowledges the value of time and provides a convenient way to integrate essential vitamins into your day.

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Toucan Colombian Coffee designed by Magenta Creative Agency

The packaging had to break through the visual noise and entice customers on first glance. Each variant needed to showcase the coffee’s rainforest heritage, connecting consumers with the unique source.

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MOO Milk designed by Armin Salehi

MOO Milk’s packaging design takes a refreshingly literal approach, drawing inspiration from the very source of the product itself – a cow’s udder. MOO Milk’s packaging goes beyond mere functionality. It’s a conversation starter, sparking curiosity and delight. This playful design choice is sure to resonate with environmentally conscious consumers seeking a wholesome and delicious milk product.

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What’s Inside? designed by Formascope Agency

INSIDE SKINCARE LAB believes in complete transparency. Their packaging incorporates a perforation, allowing you to delve deeper by revealing detailed scientific information about the specific product you hold. This design element underscores their commitment to openness and allows you to understand the science behind your skincare routine.

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Ésophy Cacao Nibbles designed by George Probonas

The product name takes center stage, hand-drawn with a whimsical flair. This personal touch reflects the artisanal spirit of ÉSOPHY and the handcrafted nature of the product. Illustrations of the nuts provide a clear and unpretentious way for consumers to identify the flavor varieties. It’s a perfect balance of information and artistic expression.

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