Derrick Lin


In this edition of Curator’s Insight, we dissect the packaging concept for Archimedes Blocks designed by SAYSOOO, a building block set that’s breaking free from the “just-for-kids” mold. Here’s what a packaging design expert might find intriguing:

Uniquely Expressive: The design uses the four tones of the Chinese pinyin “ā, á, ǎ, à” – imagine these characters expressing all sorts of emotions during the building process! It’s a clever way to connect with users of all ages on a playful and relatable level.

Beyond the Box: The packaging goes a step further by including a card that mirrors the size and shape of an Archimedes block itself. This card can be flipped and rearranged, hinting at the endless possibilities for creation with the blocks. It’s like a mini building experience right there on the box!

Minimalist Magic: The focus on clean lines and a simple design reflects the core concept of Archimedes Blocks – it’s all about open innovation. No clutter, just pure building potential. This minimalism creates a sense of sophistication that appeals to a wider audience, adults included.

Here’s a Personal Touch: As a designer myself, I love the idea of packaging that goes beyond just showing the product. This design encourages interaction and ignites the imagination before you even open the box. It’s like a personal invitation to explore and create.

What Could Be Even Cooler (Just My Two Cents): Imagine the pinyin characters on the box actually changing expressions as you tilt the package! It would add another layer of interactivity and further emphasize the emotional connection to the building process.

Overall, the Archimedes Blocks packaging seems to be on the right track to break free from the “children’s toy” stereotype. It’s playful yet sophisticated, interactive, and all about celebrating the joy of creation for everyone. This is a design that could definitely stand out on the shelf!

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