Andrea Castelletti Studio

Via Breno, 2, 20139 Milano MI, Italia

Design Agency: Andrea Castelletti
Creative Director / Concept Designer: Andrea Castelletti
Art Director / Graphic Designer: Andrea Castelletti & Camilla Gatti
Copywriter: Camilla Boselli
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Cantina dei Colli Ripani
Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Wine

To discover a place through its wine.

This is what the Colli Ripani Collection, the brand’s most extensive range, recommends to those it meets along its path. It is a true journey, in every sense of the word. In line with the Winery’s new positioning and new brand identity, the 10 wines that make up the collection with the same name, each represent a particular feature of their land of origin.

How to go on a journey through wine?
Take one of the 10 bottles that together make up the Colli Ripani Collection: each bottle describes a particular feature of the land. Now take the Colli Ripani Collection as a whole: all of the wines tell the story of the land in every aspect.

Ten wines to recount our Colli Ripani.
The Colli Ripani Collection has ten wines that describe the land, each becoming the author of their own personal chapter in this unique story. Those who purchase these wines receive the gift of a complete picture of the Winery and its area. Each exciting verse – thought out specifically for this new identity – tells the story of the Colli Ripani with their plains and slopes: the peak, the sea, the ridges, the fields and the valleys. An itinerary enhanced the originality of the wine labels, which are each a piece of the puzzle making up the jagged profile of the Colli Ripani.

But how does the story end?
Like any self-respecting tale, every label arouses the reader’s curiosity to continue reading to find out what happens in the next chapter. An original storytelling idea, designed for those who wish to enhance their special occasions with an equally special message. From Chapter 0 to Chapter 9, each part is written to provide an all-round experience in itself, while making up a complete collection. The story of the Colli Ripani is written to become everyone’s story: just choose your chapters and put them together with two or four bottles, and set in motion the most important dates in your life.