Kandang Kambing (Goat’s Barn)

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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Eminent Creative
Designer: Nicole Teh
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Packaging Contents: Mandarin oranges
Packaging Materials: Highly absorbent specialty paper

Kandang Kambing (Goat’s Barn) – Packaging for Fine Paper Takeo

Specialty papers are not only highly absorbent; it is also soft to the touch, making it the perfect foundation for any memorable communications. When asked by Fine Paper Takeo to test it out on packaging, we were inspired to feature its printing suitability in a project worthy of architectural flair.

We came up with an interesting solution to steer away from the unsightly, old wooden crates and designed a unique gift for Fine Paper Takeo’s customers – mandarin oranges housed in a vividly inked wooden ‘kandang kambing’ (goat barn) complete with 8 ‘Malaysianised’ goats! Details such as gold foil hot stamping made the printed visuals pop off the matte paper, and the convenient handle allowed for easy carrying and presentation of the fine quality of Takeo paper.

What’s Unique?
Having fun with the packaging while still adhering to the brief allows the brand to stand out and puts a smile on people when they see the product. The initial idea was to show how print and paper could connect and enrich people’s lives, but we came up with something that strengthened customer loyalty whilst at the same time allowed the client to spend less on crates of oranges.