Derrick Lin


Design Agency: ANAGRAM Design
Art Director: Aggelos Moschos
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Microbrewery Of Thessaly
Location: Greece
Packaging Contents: Alcohol, Beer

ARGO is a new beer, special and delicious with gold color, rich foam and body. It is the unique golden ale in Greece. ARGO, a name closely associated with the journey of Jason found in ancient Greek Mythology. Ancient Greek meander motifs (patterns) were used on clay pots to count the amount of wine that was carried within the pots. A simplified motif was created here with help of the ARGO paddle.

The linear output of each element that structures the beer label, the emblem, the typography, the motif is carefully placed on the grid. A grid, which its measure is taken straight out of the ARGO paddle, the driving force in the taste journey.

What’s Unique?
The design philosophy of beer ARGO differs from that of the large brewing industries.

The clean design of the label, with nothing superfluous, aims to differentiate from the competition, usually flooded by decorative elements. This was succeeded with all linear elements and patterns that make it up and reflecting the journey.

An impression of selectivity without scaring the consumer as an expensive product was ask by our client.