Design Agency: Dochery
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Zoopride
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Silica gel cat litter
Packaging Materials: Plastic bag

To develop the name and the creative visual concept of the silica gel cat litter brand.

Choice of cat litter is a delicate subject. On the one hand it has to be comfortable for the pet, yet on the other hand the main task of a litter is hygiene of the house.

What after all has to be an ideal litter? Researches show that for most of consumers a key factor of his choice is an ability to hold smells. We have relied on total absence of smell in the house – the compounding of litter was specially developed in China.

The developed name Aromaticat and the creative visual concept tell that in the house of our consumers there won’t smell of a cat completely. The litter totally holds unpleasant smells. And in the apartment there is a light aroma of a rainforest, a lavender or the apple orchard.

In packing design we have tried to abstract as much as possible from a subject of a cat’s toilet, and thus didn’t use photorealistic images.

We have shown a pet who “does the dirty affairs” in a garden, on the beach, in the field with a lavender. Don’t doubt, it is really pleasant for his predatory nature. Indeed the wild animal is concealed in each domestic kitty.