Agency: Dochery
Designer: Anna Lysenko
Creative Director: Alina Rukosueva
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Travi Gornogo Krima
Location: Saint-Petersburg
Packaging Contents: Herbal Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

The ‘Family Tea’ brand offers excellent and healthy herbal teas hand-picked in eco-friendly areas on the Black Sea coast. ‘Family Tea’ makes for an excellent gift you could take home from your trip as a treat for your friends and family.

This tea is sure to evoke the warmest sun-kissed summertime memories of a harmonious family holiday.

Everyone waits for the summer to come. Summertime is a a little lifetime in and of itself, filled with bright impressions and emotions. And if there is a seaside nearby, these impressions will be twice as bright, creating a vibrant and wonderful pastime. The fragrant ‘Family Tea’ brings these very sensations to you. Its superb taste will fill you with vivid memories of a family holiday, of walks by the seaside, will make you feel the wonderful scents of various herbs hanging thick in the air.

This explains why the new herbal tea packaging design uses old-school nostalgic imagery as well as bright and vivid characters. Each of the characters featured on the packaging is easy to identify with. This is the kind of familiar and very important activity any holiday maker will easily see themselves being a part of.

What’s Unique?
The imagery featured on the packaging evokes a sense of warmth, while also picturing the key property of each of the teas. For example, chamomile tea is known for its calming action and also connects with the idea of making sand castles on the beach. Melissa raises one’s spirits, almost as well as when a whole family devours a large water melon in unison. Lavender gives energy, comparable with a brisk hike up in the hills. The fruity compositions bring memories of a shopping for fresh fruit at a local farmers’ market.

All of this brings back the beautiful atmosphere of summer, a seaside holiday, of complete and real happiness that makes one want to dance, filled with joy, and even stand on one’s hand!

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