Cushions with mountain herbs for your loved ones


Cushions with mountain herbs for your loved ones

Utilizing their lusciously green mountain location this family-run eco-friendly company tries to bring you a good night’s sleep with their lovingly crafted cushions full of aromatic herbs, traditionally used as a sleep-aid. They strive to conserve and rationally use natural resources, producing their cushions from parts of herbs and plants left over from their herbal tea production.

We have created a new category for this product — a pillow for loved ones. Since herbs are usually associated with health, we have separated our design concept, focusing on the soothing and pleasing aromatic side of herbs, rather than the one associated with traditional medicinal practices, thus bringing forward the idea that herbs can also be a nice and mindful gift.

What’s unique?

Creating the packaging for this product we have made a personal and soulful gift design, meant for the most treasured people in your life. Pastel colors and soft rounded illustrations come together to form a unique atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Adding to it this handmade cushion fills your home with a delightful scent of wild plants and herbs, that were lovingly gathered by hand in the most eco-intact parts of the company’s mountain residence.

Our creative concept turns this aroma-packed pillow into a one-of-a-kind sentimental present for your family.

Our packaging design:

  • allows the product to enter a new category of gifts and souvenirs,

  • creates an identity of an all-natural product for all your loved ones,

  • makes the product stand out among others.


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