Creative Agency: Dochery
Creative Director: Alina Rukosueva
Art Director: Daria Surkova
Designers: Daria Surkova, Roman Emelianov, Olga Tkacheva
Copy Writer: Sergey Dolgopolov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Cornopolis
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Popcorn
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

City of free corn Cornopolis was born on the account of good taste.
Popcorn with special flavors is a new product at the Russian snack market. The Brand Cornopolis set popcorn free from being limited by mundane, mediocre tastes, and Dochery faced the goal to find a visual manifestation of freedom of flavor choice and implement it on the wrap of the new product.

Long-lasting limitation on new packaging of popcorn flavors has been reflected on the styles of the whole category of the product. That is why the new wrap of popcorn “CORNOPOLIS” had to be ready to explicitly reveal the individuality of the brand in the stores. It was very important to stay away from the cinema allusions.

It has become obvious that an illustration is able to become a visual metaphor of the flavor. The next step was to search for the styles and plot to tell the story of the brand.

Worshipping flavor
As the flavor of this brand is of primary importance, in the course of deliberating we came up with a following story. CORNOPOLIS is a world inhabited by joyful free popcorn-kids, and their idols and objects to worship are flavors. After that we were able to get visual metaphors very fast.

The first flavor in the CORNOPOLIS line to think of a wrap for, was Sweet and Salty.

In search for the perfect place for the first city of free popcorn we thought of the Hawaii and decided to settle popcorn-kids there. The Hawaii are noted for their exclusively joyful and relaxed atmosphere, surfing and monumental Hawaiian totems made of Ticki tree. This way two gods – saltcellar and sugar basin were created. The inhabitants of Hawaiian Cornopolis worship them and perform their ritual dances around them.

The second flavor is “Cheese and Pesto”, and of course, we recalled Ancient Rome, the motherland of the famous basil sauce.

The most known place of interest in Rome has always been Coliseum, the arena where gladiators used to fight. Cheese became the object of worship and the central character of the illustration. Caesar, made of cheese and wearing a basil wreath, is sitting in the box-seat, watching a fight between two popcorn -kids- gladiators. His left thumb is up: Caesar is merciful to the fighters today, bestowing them life and freedom. By the way, the gladiators’ armors are depicted in the precise and historically true manner. The same thing is true about the inscription S.P.Q.R. on the marble plate with the calories load. The inscription stands for ” Senate and free civilians of Rome” and it is well rhymed with the city concept.