Cage bedding for rodents, birds and reptiles AromatiPet


Cage bedding for rodents, birds and reptiles AromatiPet

All pet owners endlessly adore their precious companions and want the best for them! But…the odor! It can be as strong as your love for your pet, getting deep into your clothes, your furniture and your life. If you believe that cats and dogs can permeate a place, wait till you find out how bad not properly kept snakes and rodents can get! Among the multitude of possible choices, it is incredibly hard for a newbie to find the safe and healthy options for their beloved pet friend.

This is the exact reason ZooPride created their safe, easy to use cage bedding for rodents, birds and reptiles – AromatiPet. It perfectly fits their needs and doesn’t cause allergic reactions, making it ideal for both you and your little companion. This bedding is made only from 100% natural eco-friendly materials, remaining pet-safe and still absorbing all unwanted smells.

We took on the task of developing an illustration-based packaging design for this product, the main concept of which is to show that this is an easy all-natural owner- and pet-friendly alternative to artificial beddings and can be used by newbies and pros alike. Through cute and lovable illustrations of cuddly rodents and friendly snakes sitting among flowers and fresh green grass, we convey the idea that this bedding is ideal for animals and is an absolute pleasure for owners, keeping their living space nice and fresh!

What’s unique

This design concept creates an eye-pleasing and recognizable image of animals in a comfortable habitat, where they feel calm and at ease. In this way, we tackle the task of showing that this product is safe for them. We use the depictions of flowers, plants and herbs to emphasize how effective AromatiPet bedding is against unwanted odors, leaving a nice subtle fragrance of grass instead.

We can summarize, that our packaging design for AromatiPet:

  • Creates an image of a safe and effective bedding;
  • Makes the product recognizable and helps it stand out among competitors;
  • Helps the consumer easily find the right product for their pet.

All in all, we have created a truthful, down-to-earth story about happy and content animals and their equally as happy and content owners, hidden behind the scenes.





Agency: Dochery

Creative Director: Alina Rukosueva

Designers: Mariya Khalizova, Mariya Rednikova