Wanderers Vodka is infused with steppe herbs, its complex flavor and unique aroma transport us straight to the vast planes of the Qazaqstan steppe, where for thousands of years wandering nomad tribes traversed the land crafting its history.

We have created an ethnical vodka for the Qazaqstan market, filled with the spirit of the nomadic way of life. It was important to highlight the country’s cultural heritage since it is a point of pride for Qazaq people, who deeply value their ancestorial roots.

A circle was chosen as the compositional base, referring to the endless cycle of nomadic movement. Horsemen, galloping through sprawling expanses of the Great Steppe symbolize the spirit of freedom and adventure.

We integrated the essential attributes of the nomadic life into our design, accentuating the value of Wanderers Vodka.

The Old Turkic alphabet, the sacred heritage of Qazaqstan, adorns the label’s background. Its letters resemble the Sun, planets and constellations.

As for the main symbol “shanirak” is part of the traditional dome-structured houses, known as yurts. Yurts are an integral part of nomadic life, they embody the sense of homely comfort, the connection with the Earth and galaxy, and the bond between generations of Qazaqs.

Wanderers Vodka offers us the opportunity to profoundly connect with ancient Qazaq culture, through the rich flavor and aroma of vodka, infused with wild steppe herbs.


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