Ojisan no Cider

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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Siphon Graphica
Illustration: Tadashi Nisiwaki, Noriyuki Echigawa
Design: Yosio Miyashita
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Tegami sha
Location: Japan
Packaging Contents: Soda, Candy
Packaging Materials: Glass, paper

This “Ojisan no cider” series is a product of Tegami sha. Illustration is due Tadashi Nishiwa and Takayuki Echigawa. They are a popular illustrator in Japan. This candy made by Japanese traditional Sweet recipe That called Kintaro-ame. Kintarō-ame is a traditional Japanese candy with a cylinder-shape, still produced in Japan and originating during the Edo Period (1603 ~ 1868). After being sliced, the cylinder’s cross-section shows an almost exact replica of character’s face. It is very interesting to see the process involved in making these candies. They are made by combining different layers of different-colored, heated/melted sugar, formed and elongated while hot, and cut into sticks of the same length before being sliced/cut into candy pieces.