Valencia, España

Design Agency: Brandsummit
Designer: Álex Monzó
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Oak Master
Location: Valencia, Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Materials: Paper Manter Constellation Snow Raster

With a minimalist approach, solid colours to distinguish the ranges and by highlightig the plug, BRANDSUMMIT presents the new image of VARA/PALO, an Oak Maste´s wine.

Oak Master is an innovative plug with an oak extension, which achieved in only 4-6 weeks, to acquire the taste of a wine barrel. Thus VARA / PALO was born, a young wine in four varieties.

The work was printed in Digital Offset (HP Indigo WS6600) with black hot stamping foil (Kurz Foils) on textured materials (Constellation Snow Raster Manter).

On a side of the bottle, a brochure explaining the process of the cap, and a sample of oak used in each wine is included. All products are easily recognizable Oak Master, a concept designed to extend beers, oils and other spirits.

What’s Unique?
Taking the main attribute of the product, the OAK cork, as the principal element of the design, was a big challenge.