Hyazint – Fair Mineral Water Range (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Stephan Donner
Project Type: Student Project
School: Kunstschule Wandsbek – Hamburg
Course: Communication design
Location: Germany
Packaging Contents: Mineral water
Packaging Materials: Glass, cork, rubber

The project is about a fictional new mineral water range, produced by a popular brand in Germany. This range offers high end mineral water from very special places of the world, is fair traded and supports water project in Third World countries. The sorts are divided in “Tasman rain water”, “Icelandic glacier water” and last but not least “Scottish spring water “. To reach a more global thinking to consumers, the sorts are named in each case by the countries capital city. So there are Hobart, Reykjavik and Edinburgh.

The name “hyazint” has many causes. Firstly it stands for the hyacinth macaw which is visualized in the logo. It stands for globalization and exoticism. Other associations and similarities to the word are the gemstone hyacinth (clarity/purity), hydor (old Greek for water), hyacintho (blue color Latin).

What’s Unique?
The design of each sort is similar. It only differentiate by the structural design of the bottom. The plastic deformations abstractly visualize the water pearls, glacier ice and hills. Also you lock the bottle with a sealing plug which consists of blue cork/rubber. The square shape makes it really elegant and distinguishes it from other water bottles.