Necterra Natural Juices

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: NDM Agency
Creative Director: Nermin Nino Kasupović
Photographer: Samir Sinanović
Account Manager: Nervesa Kasupović
Brand Mananger: Ermina Islamčević
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Terra Sana
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Packaging Contents: Natural Juices

Company Terra Sana is engaged in manufacturing of herbal preparations (creams, essential oils, macerates), and production of natural juices. In addition to the production, one of the main goals of Terra Sana is the sustainable agriculture and rural development.

NDM Agency was entrusted with the task of designing and creating a label for a line of natural juices. Juices have no added sugar, colors, flavors, and preservatives. They are manufactured with a process of cold pressing.

In order to create market recognition and a visual edge over competing products, NDM agency’s creative team decided to generate the name of the complete product line. Name NECTERRA® is derived from the term NECTAR (lat. favored drink of the gods) and TERRA (name of the manufacturer).

The design is planned in a way that it is intended to be attractive to customers, to include modern lines but still with a touch of tradition. The label is rectangular in shape and cut in the middle of the slit in the form of three leaves. Name/logotype NECTERRA® is manually created letter and each character has its own direction and position in order to easily show the diversity of nature. As the juices are made from carefully selected raw materials, it was necessary to keep simplicity as the main element of the logo. We created the minimalist vector illustrations of fruits and vegetables used in construction. Each juice has a combination of illustrations, with the “red” apple as a constant in all of them. We also used the “hand-draw” typography from the Lunch Box family for all the accompanying texts, which gives infinitely customizable options and completely authentic look.