Ruby Jewel Rebrand

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Threshold
Principal: Eric Niemi
Creative Director: Eric Baxter
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ruby Jewel
Location: Portland, United States
Packaging Contents: Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sandwiches
Packaging Materials: Plastic, Paper

Ruby Jewel’s original logo wasn’t strong, but it was deeply associated with the company by its customer base. So we started the project by redesigning their logo. Our approach was born out of needing to retain the brand equity their original logo and supporting material had, while at the same time creating something totally custom and unique to the company. The result was a hand lettered logo that contains a hidden nod (in the form of an ice cream cone) to their product.

Next came the packaging. The goals were two fold: 1) Make it more obvious what their product was, in the case of their ice cream sandwiches and 2) create vibrant, clean packaging that set their product apart from their competition on store shelves.

We met those goals by designing a minimal layout with contrasting matte and gloss areas on thick, durable material combined with colorful artwork and a photograph of the sandwich inside. The color pallet matches the flavor of both the ice cream and the cookies (for the sandwiches) and the major flavor ingredients (for the pints). Both feature illustrated ingredients with a simple, clean line drawing style, that touts Ruby Jewel’s wonderful, full range of flavors.

Craving some ice cream yet? Yea. Us too.

What’s Unique?
The sandwich bags feature a window that runs vertically down 20% of the width of one side in the back, which allows the customer to see the ice cream sandwich inside. The Ruby Jewel logo, the flavor names and ‘plus’ sign, the ingredient line drawings and the ‘Handmade Ice Cream Sandwich’ text area are all printed in gloss, while the background is an organic matte finish.

Notches on either side of the bag create points of entry that actually tear thru the top 1/3 of the logo itself, so the consumer is literally ‘tearing into’ a Ruby Jewel every time they open a new bag.