Highlander – Crunchy and Brave

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Creative Agency: 6.14 creative licensing
Creative director: Luigi Focanti
Art director / illustrator: Roberto Ciappelloni
Graphic designer: Giulia Ripamonti
Copy writer: John O’neill
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: San Carlo s.p.a.
Location: Milan, Italy
Packaging Contents: Chips

“Wearing a kilt is not enough to be Highlander, you need grit. These are the ideal crisps for those with character, thick and crunchy with strong and intriguing flavours, with no compromises. Be crunchy, be brave, be Highlander!”

Original Scottish trademark and recipe
The commercial relaunch and rebranding of the legendary fries San Carlo. A new brand, a new dress inspired by the Highland games, the strength and courage. A months-long route started from a careful research to product and creativity resulted in an ironic, irreverent with an original and refined design.