Khlibnyi Dar

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Pantus Design
Art Director: Andriy Pantus
Creative Director: Eugene Pantus
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bayadera Group
Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Vodka

Khlibniy Dar (literally Bread Gift) is a brand of horilka (Ukrainian vodka), first introduced to the market in 2002. It is owned by the Bayadera Group. All products from the Khlibniy Dar range are made through the distillation of fermented cereal grains, which is the most popular ingredient to produce vodka from Polish and Ukrainian tradition.

According to The Millionaires’ Club report, Khlibniy Dar was the third-best-selling brand of vodka in the world in 2011.

The following design was creating in 2014 to put new varieties to the market. Also, the gift tube was done especially for vodka enthusiasts.

It was a great challenge for the Pantus Design Studio and we are proud of results!

Nowadays, PANTUS DESIGN have a leader position in design of world Bureau in the development of the bottles and packaging for consumer goods.