Octim Mustards

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Creative Agency: Brandy Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: OCTIM
Location: Poland
Packaging Contents: Mustard
Packaging Materials: Glass

The OCTIM Vinegar and Mustard Manufacturing Plant was established in 1965 in Olsztynek, Poland.

Redesigning the line of its traditional mustards was one of the steps in a long-term rebranding process, one that included changing the company’s whole visual identification system.

The old-fashioned packaging didn’t distinguish the product enough from the competition, and also minimized its true qualities. Our goal with the packaging design was two-fold.

We wanted to create a distinct and modern look that would make the product stand out on store shelves and attract new customers, while simultaneously retaining a large percentage of their current customer base.

As a result, we made smart and unobtrusive changes to the already recognizable logo brand, and placed it in visible parts of the label. The bright colors on the labels, the simplicity, the see-through label parts, and the slightly humorous infographics give a modern twist to the packaging. The resulting packaging by Brandy Design is one-of-a-kind in its category, and yet trustworthy and playful enough to draw instant attention from viewers.

What’s Unique?
The vibrant, diversified color palette and modern design that are rare in this category.